Arquimea ICT provides custom software development services to companies with specific needs on information and data management. Our developments contribute to other standard solutions, like ERP, CRM or CMS, with specific features and business logic.  A global vision based on integration and commitment into R&D makes our solutions creative and high-in-quality.

Our main area of expertise is the Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) where we come up with modular solutions composed of web applications, distributed systems, databases, apps for industry uses, data acquisition architectures (for IoT applications), data analysis components and knowledge inference, among others.

Arquimea ICT faces each project as a new challenge from an in depth analysis of the customer needs and maintaining the focus on the company specificities. Thus, our design principles are integration, reutilization and scalability so that investment can be optimized.

Our multidisciplinary team gathers long-term experience in Java developments. However, we are able to combine them seamlessly with the most advanced front-end and data store technologies while keeping backward compatibility with legacy environments.


Furthermore, we accumulate expertise in a large range of knowledge areas, most of them are essential to build any state-of-the-art ICT system.

Web Enterprise Information Systems Future Internet Artificial Intelligence Mobility
- Rich Internet Applications
- Responsive designs
- RESTful
- SOA architectures
- REST architectures
- Microservices
- Enterprise Integration
- Security
- Managed environments
- Java ecosystem (JMS, JMX, JTA, JDBC, JNDI…)
- Cloud computing
- IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
- IoT
- Big Data
- Computer vision
- Machine learning
- Data analysis
- Big data
- Data mining
- Cognitive systems
- Computer vision
- Virtual agents
- Industry-ready devices
- Disconnected contexts
- Material design
- Usability
- Non-standard peripherals

We are committed to find the best solution whenever we begin a new project, so that, we are always ready to get out from our comfort zone in order to achieve results with optimal performance.

At Arquimea ICT, we conceive software development as part of the whole lifecycle of any information system. Thus, we also provide services along the path, from the proposal to the final exploitation. Our comprehensive catalogue of services allows us being a strategic technology partner for our customers.


Arquimea ICT trusts on open source tools, environments and libraries, in order to get cost-efficient final products and easier deployments, hence preserving transparency and quality.
We also have a background in ICT projects that cover different verticals,

  • E-Administration / e-Government
  • Healthcare information systems
  • Simulation software automation and user interaction
  • Project management solutions
  • Track&trace solutions for the logistics chain
  • Forensic investigation in the environmental sector.

Arquimea ICT undertakes an intensive R&D activity that evolves continuously and strengthens our capabilities and skills with state-of-the-art technologies.


Development of Enterprise Information Systems.
Development of Enterprise Information Systems

We contribute with our skills to come up with modular solutions composed of web applications, distributed systems, databases, apps for industry uses, data acquisition architectures (for IoT applications), data analysis components and knowledge inference, among others.We design systems that just work in your managed environment. Besides that, we always keep in mind your IT context and your business applications ecosystem so that integration pain is almost zero.

Cloud developments.
Cloud developments

The cloud provides a very flexible yet powerful environment to execute business applications. However, new paradigms and development patterns have been established as well, and they must be considered so that applications can be executed securely, effectively and fluently. Our cloud solutions are aligned with those aspects and good practises are consistently applied so that quality is preserved.We analyse and search the most appropriate cloud provider (IaaS or PaaS as required) in sight of the budget and customer requirements, getting as a result solutions that just work smoothly.

Software Aplicaciones móviles y embebidas
Industry and business multiplatform application development (web, mobile and embedded)

Arquimea ICT provides embedded applications for a variety of platforms suitable for the integration of connected objects and sensors.  Furthermore, our apps for smart devices are designed targeting industrial environments so that specific usability requirements are fulfilled. We also have a background on integrating non-standard peripherals (barcode readers, smartcard readers, etc.) that contribute with great added value to requirements usually demanded by field agents, operators, etc.Please, contact us to meet our specific capabilities and our solution catalogue.

Operation of ICT solutions.
Operation of ICT solutions

Our operation services go through the final stages of a software product lifecycle. We propose a service pack that includes management, administration, maintenance and support for those applications that we develop. Our operation services guarantee that our software developments can be rapidly moved to production and begin to generate value.Methodologies such as Continuous Delivery are in the DNA of our projects to achieve fast and high-performance results.Exploitation services provide the fundamentals for up to date and bug-free software in profitable conditions for our customers.

Digital transformation through business and administrative procedures management.
Digital transformation through business and administrative procedures management

Digital transformation is a process involving many aspects and Arquimea ICT contributes by providing a flexible solution for managing business and administrative procedures. Our tools are designed to fit well in your digital transformation process. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover how we can help you in this trip.

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