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Test Engineering


Test Engineering

Test Engineering

ARQUIMEA provides together with its preferred partners radiation test services for electronic components, including:

  • Management; Specification; Test Flow; Test Set-up; PA/QA
  • Full test campaigns management and engineering:
    • Electrical characteristics, mechanical stress, environmental stress, endurance, radiation and construction analysis.
  • Test chips and test vehicles design
  • Test SW custom development
  • Electrical characterization
  • Characterization of technologies versus radiation effects
  • Assessment and consulting services

The following projects can be highlighted:

  • Rad-test 250 nm: Heavy Ion testing of IHP SGB25RH test vehicle chip. Customer IHP Microelectronics
  • Rad-test 130 nm: Radiation testing of IHP SG13S test vehicle chip. Customer IHP Microelectronics
  • Consulting and support on SEE test campaign for IHP SGB25V. Customer IHP Microelectronics

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