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Pin Pullers


Pin Pullers

Pin Pullers

Pin Puller actuators are low-shock non-explosive SMA based mechanical devices in which a pressure cartridge causes a pin or piston to retract inside the structure frame, usually against a side load. In the extended position, the pin or output shaft can be seen to be loaded by a compression spring. The pin remains firmly locked in this position due a mechanical components block stroke.

Once actuated however, the actuator drives specific mechanical components releasing stroke and allowing the pin to retract under the force of the drive spring. The actuator is reset by manually moving the pin back into the extended position.

The main pin puller applications are the following:

  • Hold-Down and Release of spacecraft deployable parts.
  • Secure and deployment of satellite parts (solar panels, communication antennae, instrument cover doors, heat shields...).
  • Payload release.
  • Instrument aperture latch release.



  • Redundant SMA trigger (two independent triggers).
  • Resettable by manually reset.
  • Validated for spaceflight operation in an extended temperature range.
  • Immune to radiation, magnetic field and electromagnetic jamming.
  • Custom configurations available.
  • ECSS compliant.
  • All ARQUIMEA’s products are ITAR free.






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