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Products & Services


Products & Services

Product & Services - Actuators

ARQUIMEA Actuators Group is specialized in the development of low-shock non-explosive actuators for Space applications. Based on our proprietary Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) material, so called SMARQ, we can provide any type of actuator (linear, rotary, hold down and release, break, smart valves...) qualified for spaceflight operation in an extended temperature range from -90oC up to +125oC.

Product & Services - Microelectronics

ARQUIMEA designs and develops analogue, digital and mixed-signal microelectronic components hardened against the radiation effects by design. Although the main use of these components is space, there are other fields were these technologies can be required, as it is the case of nuclear power plants, high-energy particles, scientific facilities or radiotherapy.

Product & Services - Sensing Systems
Sensing Systems

ARQUIMEA Sensors Group develops custom sensing systems in close cooperation with scientists. Spaceflight sensors always meet the need of the instrument as well as the constraints of the mission (environmental and quality).

ICT. Software

Arquimea ICT provides custom software development services to companies with specific needs ofinformation and data management. Our developments contribute to other standard solutions, like ERP, CRM or CMS, with specific features and business logic.  A global vision based on integration and commitment into R&D makes our solutions creative and high-in-quality.