Quality Policy


Quality Policy

IQNet Certification "ISO 9001:2015"

AENOR Certification "EN 9100:2018"


ARQUIMEA uses its own and adopted innovative technologies to design, develop and commercialize electronic, microelectronic and electromechanical parts and systems for space and terrestrial hi-rel applications.

ARQUIMEA aims at the full satisfaction of their customers, who demand reliability, quality and innovation.


ARQUIMEA wants to be recognized as global technology partner for the design, development and commercialization of products and services based on disruptive technologies and high added value.


The main value of ARQUIMEA lies on its enthusiastic human team, highly qualified and expert in different disruptive technologies, oriented towards customer satisfaction. Teamwork and flexibility within the strict and excellent working process are characteristic of ARQUIMEA’s personnel.

ARQUIMEA enhances the professional development of researchers, leaders and entrepreneurs. The Company has a consolidated relation with leading research organizations and universities, selected by their excellence and innovation level.

To reach its strategic objectives while offering an effective service and to achieve customer's satisfaction, the Company has adopted the quality criteria established by the UNE-EN 9100:2010 standard, emphasizing the following principles:

  • To maintain the contractual commitment, so that the services and products provided fulfil the applicable requirements, norms and contract conditions. At the same time, improve continuously the effectiveness of the implanted Quality Management System.
  • To communicate the Quality Policy established by the Board of Directors to all our personnel, customers, suppliers and partners.
  • To continuously improve our processes and procedures as the fundamental instrument to increase our effectiveness, competitiveness and customer loyalty. To obtain it, we train, involve and motivate all our personnel to achieve continuous improvement.
  • To anticipate our customers’ needs in terms of product/service quality, based on taking care of the details.
  • To optimize costs by a correct use of both human and material resources.
  • To promote the participation of our personnel in the development of the quality and the continuous improvement process, promoting personnel's training and guaranteeing the permanent update of their knowledge and abilities.

Faithful to these principles, the rules to be fulfilled by ARQUIMEA are set in our Quality Management System and they are declared mandatory for all the Company's employees.

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