ARQUIMEA Microelectronics Group is a fabless design house focused on analog and mixed signal microelectronics for high reliability applications. Based on our know-how in radiation mitigation by design, and an extensive network of trustable partners, ARQUIMEA is able to manage the complete procurement flow, from specification and design to chip manufacturing and qualification in the frame of a spaceflight project.

Let us know your requirements and we will transfer all your needs into an ITAR free solution, with the best suitable technology and the most cost-effective solution for the complete supply chain.

ARQUIMEA is an Aerospace and Defence qualified supplier (UNE EN 9100:2010, ISO 9001-2008, AQAP 2110, AQAP 2120)

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ARQUIMEA Actuators Group is specialized in the development of low shock non-explosive actuators for space mechanisms developers. Based on our proprietary Shape Memory Alloy material, so called SMARQ, we can provide any type of actuator (linear, rotary, hold down and release, break, smart valves...) qualified for spaceflight operation in an extended temperature range from -150 ºC up to +150 ºC

The SMARQ technology has been tested successfully by the European Space Agency (ESA) and is currently being qualified for Space application into different devices. Several developing contracts with satellite manufacturers in Europe show the interest of actuators based on SMARQ technology.

This innovative actuator technology can be of interest for satellite and for rockets and launchers.

Some applications of SMARQ technology: solar array deployment mechanisms, pin pullers, hold down and release mechanisms, separation systems, valves, thermoelectric reels...

Main benefits of SMARQ Actuators Technology are: easily resettable, reducing costs and time in Assembly, Integration and Test. Highly realizable, with built in redundancy. Immune to Radiation. Immune to Magnetic Field. Immune to Electromagnetic jamming. Light weight. Smooth and gentle deformation allows no need for shock and vibration dumping. Extended temperature range [-150 ºC, +150 ºC].

ARQUIMEA is an Aerospace and Defence qualified supplier (UNE:EN 9100:2010, ISO 9001:2008, PECAL 2110 PECAL 2120).

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ARQUIMEA Sensors Group develops custom sensors in close cooperation with scientists. Spaceflight sensors always meet the need of the instrument as well as the constraints of the mission (environmental and quality).

ARQUIMEA works closely with chemist, biologist, and physiscist all over the world in order to have access to the latest most innovative sensing materials, MEMS, optical techniques, detectors...

Combined with our Integrated circuits Group, ARQUIMEA sensors group can provide you with latest sensing and front-ending technology for your instrument

ARQUIMEA is an Aerospace and Defence qualified supplier (UNE: EN 9100:2010, ISO 9001:2008, PECAL 2110 PECAL 2120)

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Research and Development plays a substantial role in our strategy.

The objective of our Research and Development Group is based on two principles: to improve our technology offer for our space customers with better or totally new products and technologies, and to translate our space technologies and know how to other strategic sectors: automotive, Information technology, defence, logistics, biomedical and energy.

Leading research and development cannot be conducted alone. To this end, ARQUIMEA collaborates with companies, research institutions, and agencies in order to achieve highly ambitious projects with a time to market of up to 4 years. ARQUIMEA concentrates in the technology qualification and validation, as well as product development, leaving the basic research to reputed scientists and engineers. To this end, ARQUIMEA partnerships with companies and scientists in order to conduct high level research within a consortium.

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ARQUIMEA designs and develops components for applications in robotics, such as joints and SMA based actuators. The Company also designs, develops and implements customized docking systems for robotic arms. The goal of ARQUIMEA is to develop innovative devices to obtain a breakthrough in robotic technology, space technology and other advance mechanisms.

ARQUIMEA has been responsible for Robotic Hardware integration in several scientific projects such as:
  • MANFRED: a 6DOF robotic manipulator with human like interface.
  • ASIBOT: Assistive Robot for people with reduced mobility.
  • RH0: Design and development of a humanoid robot (mechanical structure, actuators, sensorial system, and robotics hands).
  • HUMAN HAND EXOSKELETON: five actuated finger covers and wrist with 19 actuating DOF for training/rehabilitation of people with limited mobility in hands.

ARQUIMEA has also participated in several space robotic projects such as NASA-JPL Mars Science Laboratory, where we developed the Dust Wiper SMARQ mechanism as part of the REMS instrument.

ARQUIMEA also developed for METNET Mission the MEIGA Dust Sensor, including the calibration mechanisms. MetNET launch to Mars is scheduled for 2016.

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